If you’re a vinyl dork, we’d wager that you have a more than a few boxy IKEA shelves in your apartment. Indeed, among the LP-addicted, the Swedish furniture behemoths are iconic for their Expedit bookshelf, whose dimension perfectly fit records. And we loved them for it.

But now, as Dangerous Minds notes, it looks like the Expedit is going the way of the milk crate. (Remember when milk manufacturers changed the size of their shipping crates so just so they couldn’t be repurposed as vinyl storage? Yeah, fuck you, Sealtest.) Today, IKEA announced that they’re discontinuing the popular shelf in Germany, and naturally, outrage followed—and zee Germans united in their love of Kraftwerk and the Expedit by forming a Facebook group in protest. Since its formation in January, the group has racked up 12,000 likes.

The company hasn’t announced whether they’ll be discontinuing the popular bookshelf in North America. Still, IKEA has announced the successor to the Expedit: The Kallax. Here’s an image of the updated bookshelf below.


While the Kallax will be designed to fit LPs, Expedit-addicted vinyl heads have found flaws in its design. Certain forums have noted that it’s flimsier in contruction than its predecessor—saying that it’ll need additional supports to carry an entire load of records—while others have decried the fact that the Kallax doesn’t come in 5 by 5 rows.

In Canada, though, the Expedit is still available for a cool $129. We’re buying a few extra shelves to line our bomb shelters. Because, y’know, just in case.


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