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  1. Q&A: Wavves are more than just teenage dirtbags, baby

    Even knowing he’s notoriously short around journalists, at a recent Toronto tour stop, I ask Wavves leader Nathan Williams about how he’s dealing with his anxieties. He responds by wagging his beer bottle before talking a giant swig. He’s never been one to hide his taste for mind-altering substances, but he’s at his most honest (and, perhaps, arresting) on Afraid of Heights, his fourth LP proper.

  2. THIS EXISTS: Ghost B.C. thinks you’re a puritan for calling their dildo ‘gay’

    Ghost B.C. will be the first to tell you that they employ an obvious gimmick, but speaking in full garb at the back of the band’s tour bus, the incredibly eloquent and surprisingly candid Nameless Ghoul—one of the Swedish band’s many anonymous members—explained their spiritual and political aspirations and, more impressively, how they factor into a sex toy shaped like their lead singer’s face.

  3. INTERVIEW: Savages detail their serious sophistication

    “I always try to find the word to describe it, but it keeps slipping my mind,” says Savages singer Jehnny Beth, while trying to describe her post-punk band’s blistering forthcoming debut, Silence Yourself. “It’s like sweet, but sour. It’s related to aesthetic, sophisticated roughness. It’s stylized—but raw. There’s a word out there… there’s a classiness to it. It’s—for fuck’s sake!”

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