Tune in to AUX's Brit Invasion marathon and win a Blur box set


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Tune in to AUX’s Brit Invasion marathon and win a Blur box set


On August 25 and 26, celebrate AUX TV’s British Invasion marathon weekend with the best Brit-rock and Brit-pop from the past 40 years. Featuring movies, documentaries, live performances, interviews music videos, AND A BIG HUGE CONTEST featuring Blur’s recently released box set, Blur 21: The Box (available for purchase here).


Spanning 21-discs and including over 5 ½ hours of previously unreleased material, Blur 21: The Box collects together the remastered and expanded editions of all the albums, four discs of Blur rarities, three DVDs of live performances and rarities, a collectable 7″ single and a hard-bound book – all housed in a super-deluxe material-covered box. Each box will also include a code to download all the audio contents as high-quality mp3s. Take a tour below:



In order to win this sweet, sweet prize pack, all you have to do is tweet some version of the following and tell us what you’re looking forward to most during our British invasion weekend (hint: the trailer for the weekend is directly below… along with an even more blatant list of featured films! You can’t lose!):


I can’t wait to see [INSERT MOVIE TITLE] during @AUXTV’s Brit Invasion marathon http://bit.ly/PoyNSG


Just make sure you’re following us on Twitter so we can DM you if you win.


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Weekend Features
The Who: Live at the Isle of Wight – Saturday Aug 25 @ 5:30PM
Rock City – Saturday Aug 25 @ 9 P.M.
The Beatles: From Liverpool to San Francisco – Sunday Aug 26 @ 10 P.M.
The Rolling Stones: Truth & Lies – Saturday Aug 25 @ 11PM
The Killing of John Lennon – Sunday Aug 26 @ 11 P.M.