Montreal stoner-rock band Priestess has had a lot of good fortune since the band’s inception in 2003. The band’s debut album Hello Master was a catalyst to the band’s already accomplished career which includes tours with the legendary GWAR and Megadeth as well as having a song featured as a master track in the highly success videogame Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. The band’s latest effort, Prior to the Fire, not only embodies the culmination of the band’s prior hard work, it also represents the band’s unwillingness to compromise.

When Priestess’ American label didn’t see eye to eye with the band in regards to Prior to Fire, claiming that there wasn’t a track that was single worthy, the band parted ways with the label, thus pushing back the band’s anticipated March 2009 release date.

“Being signed to RCA wasn’t this huge life changing thing other than we got money from them,” Guitarist / singer Mikey Heppner explains.  “The record that they signed us on was a record that was already finished. With this new record, we basically did it without any input. We got to do it because we were running out of time in their eyes—then they weren’t happy with it, so we walked with it. We’ve never existed in any sort of dome of outside influence or pressure or anything like that—we always just do everything the way we want to do it ourselves.”

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