When we think of Dave Grohl, we think of Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures, coffee overdose, and the man behind some of the funniest music videos out there. We also think about how swell a guy he must be. But one show-goer in London last night might think differently.

Details are vague about how it started, but during Foo Fighters’ set at the Roundhouse in Camden, a fight broke out in the audience at which point Grohl stopped the show to address the instigator.

“You don’t fucking fight at my show you asshole,” Grohl said. “Let me see him, who’s fighting right now? It’s that guy in the stripped shirt. Hey motherfucker look at me, get the fuck out of my show right now.”

“You don’t come to my show and fight,” he added. “You come to my show and dance, you asshole. I don’t put up with that bullshit. You people came here to have a good time and that guy can fuck off.”

XFM has posted an audio clip of the frontman ripping into the person. Let this be a lesson.

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