In a recent interview with Fox News, actor Jeremy Piven revealed that, among other projects he’s working on, he’d also love to play deceased Who drummer Keith Moon in a movie someday.

While discussing the in-the-works Entourage movie (for which creator Mark Wahlberg will “raise the money himself if need be”), PIven said he also wants to branch out, choosing roles unlike the Ari Gold he’s become known for.

“I’m so different, as a person, than Ari,” Piven says. “Between Spy Kids 4D and even I Melt With You, which comes out next, and then the Miley Cyrus movie I have coming out, these roles are all over the place.”

Then, the big reveal: “Remember the drummer from The Who, Keith Moon? I’d love to play the Keith Moon story.”

Oh, we remember, Jeremy. And if you play him, we’ll never ever forget.

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