Jimmy Fallon may be a nervous self-conscious twerp, but over the last few years his show has quickly become a surprising treat for the musically inclined, partly because his house band is the Roots, partly because he books awesome bands and partly because his impersonations are spot on.

Except for the other night, when he and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (apparently fresh from trying to cut his own hair) decided to treat/torture the audience with a bit of in-character karaoke. Gordon-Levitt hammed it up with his best (and still not very good) Axl Rose impersonation while Fallon weaved in and out of a decent Bowie-like mumble.

So if you want to hear “Axl Rose” sing Kelly Clarkson, “David Bowie” sing Foster the People and “the Two of Them” sing Lady Gaga, watch the video up top.

But seriously, “Whip My Hair” by Neil Young and featuring Young Bruce Springsteen this is most definitely not.

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