At the end of each week, #Top40Tweets lists a cross-section of artists on the current pop charts and puts their tweets on display (along with their current chart number) for your enjoyment/scrutiny.

The #Top40Tweets Top Tweeter of 2011: Wiz Khalifa

Wiz dazzled us with his weed-addled wiz-icisims in 2011, and #Top40Tweets presents the cream of the crop.


Even if it’s reaching, Wiz can inject a weed pun into just about any turn of phrase.




Cute couple. Amber Rose would be the “legs” in this scenario.


Shoulda called it Bong Bak. It’s All Gone Pete Bong. To Bong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie BongBong.


Okay fine, I’ll drop it. You didn’t have to call me a bitch, though. SMH.


That’s what happens when you pop bottles all night. It’s the yellow in Black & Yellow.


That’s a truly terrifying thought. 10 years of rolling joints on O Magazine. THAT’S ALOTTA GHOST OPRAHS!


Oh, one of THOSE dreams.


Sometimes the dumbest tweets are the most true.


Coming up next time: The Top Of The Pops: Top Tweets of 2011.

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