Lonie Nasatir is a director with the Anti-Defamation League’s Upper Midwest Region, which is delightfully ironic given what you’re about to read: in a piece written special to CNN, he’s associated champion mosh-masters Hatebreed with Wade Page, the racist murderer who recently shot up a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

We can’t be the only ones who see the irony in this, right?

That Nasatir lumped Hatebreed in with bands with names like Angry Aryans, Jew Slaughter and White Terror is likely the result of lazy reporting and last minute Googling, but this a piece written special to CNN, not some some rant on an anonymous LiveJournal page.

Hatebreed may not write the happiest songs, which should be obvious given their name, but in all their lyrics about destroying faces, throwing down, opening up pits and crush moshing, there’s absolutely no references to racism, white supremacy or anything else along those lines. Their music is about bringing bandana wearing, spin-kicking pit bros of all races and cultures together. They’ve demanded an apology, and here’s hoping they get it. ‘

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