Hacktivists Anonymous have lobbed some pretty serious allegations against Evanescence’s Amy Lee (and her team of managers and label reps) that, if true, could get very, very messy.

The short story is this: Anonymous have accused Amy Lee, her manager Andrew Lurie and Wind Up Records President Ed Vetri of intimidating fans into signing contracts prohibiting them from reporting the ongoings of the band’s official message board and its members.

The accusations get more serious from here. Anonymous claims that child molesters lurk on EvThreads.com, and that non-disclosure agreements pushed onto would-be whisleblowers by the Schillings law firm have prevented their exposure. One legal document alleges that the accused threatened one Sam Smith with legal action “unless he agreed to enter into a contract not to report allegations of criminal activity, including abuse and sexual predation and illegal drug use on the band’s EvThreads website.” While the document notes that these allegations have not yet been tested in court, it submits that there is evidence to support the claims. The document in question has been signed by three members (1, 2, 3) of British parliament.

Further accusations (written in a legal petition submitted to British parliament) state that former employees of the alleged were allowed to interact and discuss with minors on the message boards in spite of an alleged history of posting “paedophile material” on other websites. The petition asks that the House of Commons pass a Bill allowing for transparency and accountability that would allow these allegations to come more fully to light.

But while all of these procedings sit in legal limbo, Anonymous are urging fans to picket upcoming Evanescence concerts in the UK. Providing a full list of dates and venues, they nonetheless urge fans to remember to protest peacefully.

“Obey all laws, do not destroy any property, and do not do anything that could give law enforcement a reason to arrest you,” reads their news release. “Comply with their demands and be sure to give citizens a positive image of anonymous. If possible, answer people’s questions in a polite fashion. Distribute propaganda whenever possible.”

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