While the Muppets made their return to the theatre after a 12 year gap in November of last year, the characters of Fraggle Rock were suspiciously absent. No worries, though, because Ben Folds Five are releasing their first album in 13 years (The Sound of the Life of the Mind) tomorrow and they’ve brought the Fraggles back for its first official single.

Sure, “Do It Anyway” strikes a chord that’s more than a little familiar to Weezer’s “Keep Fishin’,” but fun is fun and this is that. Fun, we mean. Don’t worry, it’s a lot better than OK Go’s cover of The Muppet Show‘s theme because how the hell couldn’t it be?

Phil Hodges directs, with cameos from Rob Corddry, Anna Kendrick and Chris Hardwick (who also executive produced the video with Lisa Henson and Nerdist).

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