The Killers were sitting down with Spotify they said they’d love if Elvis was still around to give them advice. Here are some examples of what he might have said if he could:

Get really super into karate.

Use your new skills to show off sweet kicks during lulls in your live show.

Make a bunch of terrible movies.

Elvis once said that the “only the only thing worse than watching a bad movie is being in one,” but he didn’t let that stop him. He made over 30 movies, almost none of which were any good.

If you’re going to wear leather, go big or go home

Why bother if the pants don’t match? Elvis rocked this outfit on his 1968 comeback TV special

Keep your sandwich habits secret.

Because if dying on the toilet wasn’t bad enough, rumours started that the King also died while eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich when he died. He wasn’t.

“Hooo, haaaa! Yeah, momma, man.”

Because, seriously, could anyone actually understand the guy in his Las Vegas years?

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