Have you ever longed for the kind of fame, ego, and dick that would make sending nude photos of yourself not only light-hearted gossip fodder, but grist for a hit song with a 34 minute video?

Google wants to control these urges. In the past, our web apps — Chris Brownout and Nickelblock — have been immediately accepted into the Chrome Store. Looks like we finally got too real for Google, because our KWEST app — Kanye West E-Mail Start Transmission — was rejected. Why? Here’s what some faceless Silicon Valley drone had to to say:

This is most likely due to copyright infringement. I’m going to guess that you’re not the legal copyright owner of Kanye West’s name and likeness, so we had to reject it from the store.

Well, okay. But that won’t stop us.

Meet our new Kanye West e-mail notification plugin for Chrome, KWEST. Hear Ye as he sweetly croons “I sent this bitch a picture of my dick” with every new message.

But unlike traditional, drab e-mail notifiers that just let you know when you’ve received a message, our plugin chimes as soon as you hit the “Compose” button in your Gmail, transporting you to an alternate reality where, but for one fleeting moment, you are the Louis Vuitton Don, sending photos of your dick to whoever you’d like.

Test it out:

Here’s how to install this crooning majesty on your own computer:

Enable Developer Mode within Chrome.
Go to Chrome Settings -> Tools -> Extensions, and enable “Developer Mode” in the top right.

Download the KWEST Extension, called “KWEST.crx” to your computer.

Important: Do not open the .crx extension with Chrome, as it will just direct you to the chrome Webstore.

You must drag and drop the “KWEST.crx” to Chrome, to the extensions tab and drop it on the list. Follow the prompts and enjoy.

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