Dave “Bookie” Bookman, a host on CFNY/102.1 The Edge for 21 years, has announced today via the station’s website that he’ll be leaving the station this month. It reads:

Hi Edge family, friends and listeners

I wanted to let you know personally, I’m leaving the Edge.
Having the privilege to share the evolution of new music with all of you has been a wonderful experience.
I’m on holiday at the moment but will return for a final sing-a-long with Josie on December 20th from Noon to 2:00

Can’t wait to share new adventures in hi-fi together again soon!

Peace, Love and Understanding


Toronto Mike reports that Bookie was fired, citing a “stellar inside source,” and provided the text of the internal Edge email from Ross Winters, program director at Edge 102, which simply recalls Bookie’s best years and wishes him well. Bookie remained the last bastion of a station that has undergone a dramatic overhaul in the past few years, including the canning of Martin Streek (which was followed by tragedy, Jason Barr, Darrin Pfeiffer, and Alan Cross, to name some of the more visible changes.

Bookie’s most recent on-air stint at the Edge was weekdays at 7-11pm. No doubt he’ll remain a champion of local indie music. Thanks for all the fun, Bookie!

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