One year, two months, and eighteen days after the release of Take Care, the Patron saint of Toronto eyebrow-swag, Mr. Aubrey Drizzy Fluffy Sweater Drake, dropped the first single from his forthcoming album over the weekend. “Started From The Bottom” is produced by OVO in-house beatmaker Mike Zombie, and lyrically, Drake makes a bold statement on his much-scrutinized past:

“Started from the bottom now we’re here / Started from the bottom now my whole team fucking here.”

Drake released the track on his website on Saturday, along with a blog entry where he explains that “people don’t have enough information about [his] beginnings and therefore they make up a life story for [him] that isn’t consistent with actual events.”

The release didn’t benefit from any real promotion (aside from the billboard you see in the header image above), but that didn’t stop hundreds of staunchly opinionated micro-bloggers from taking an unapologetic stance on Drake’s message about his rise to the top. As one Twitter user points out, maybe Drake DID start from the bottom: the bottom of the upper-middle class in Forest Hill, one of Toronto’s most affluent neighbourhoods.

We were curious as to what the buzz on Twitter was like following the release of “Started From The Bottom,” so we simply ran a keyword search for “Drake,” “Forest Hill,” and “Wheelchair.” Surprise: Twitter is equally furious AND incredulous. Here are 20 Twitter reactions to Drake’s “Started From The Bottom.”

In other Drizzy-related Twitter news, “Drake’s Eyebrows” is still trending globally, as always:

Controversy aside, there’s no denying that “Started From The Bottom” bangs. I think I speak for all of Toronto (and especially those in the many mansions of Forest Hill) when I say that it’s good to have Drake, and his caterpillar eyebrows, back.

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