At the end of each week, #Top40Tweets lists a cross-section of artists on the current pop charts and puts their tweets on display (along with their current chart number) for your enjoyment/scrutiny. This week, we look at artists on the Billboard Music Charts.

(Uncharted): Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Pop stars live in a different world. The only hotels I stay in are economy-themed.

FUN FACT: Lady Gaga fans in Toronto are braving the WORST SNOWSTORM SINCE 2008 to line-up for her concert tonight, in order to get the best view. Air Canada Center maintenance staff are preparing for the safe disposal of severed, frostbitten fingers and toes they find on the floor after the show.

#44 (Hot 100): Kanye West – Clique feat. Big Sean & Jay-Z

Kanye posted a series of single-word tweets two weeks ago, which we assumed was a list of potential baby names. Earlier this week, he added “Authenticity” to the list, which is probably not as good a choice as “Awesomeness West.” Note to self: if I ever get a chinchilla, name it “Awesomeness West.”

FUN FACT: Recently, Kim Kardashian instagrammed a photo of her wearing a ring with the initials “KW” on her engagement ring finger. It’s plausible to me that Kanye West would name his child Authenticity, so I have no doubt that he would give Kim an engagement ring with his initials on it. That’s our megalo(‘Ye)niac!


#40 (Hot Digital Songs): Kid Ink – Bad Ass feat. Wale & Meek Mill

Looks like Wale’s a pretty big Fall Out Boy fan. Not that big, though. If he was a real fan, he would quote a lyric from Take This To Your Grave, and then call them sellouts. On his LiveJournal.

FUN FACT: Speaking of rappers and Fall Out Boy, did you see that 2 Chainz is in their new video, and he doesn’t say a word? Someone finally harnessed the true potential of 2 Chainz. Also, is this real life, or a weird fever dream?

#10 (Hot 100): A$AP Rocky – Fuckin’ Problems feat. Drake, 2 Chainz, & Kendrick Lamar

I’m so proud of you.

FUN FACT: Drake’s new song is called “Started From The Bottom.” He started from the bottom of the social hierarchy, now he’s at the bottom of a giant bowl of granola, proving that if you work hard, you will eat like a 90-year-old.

(Uncharted): RedFoo – Bring Out The Bottles

You know those people who just can’t turn it off? Yeah.

FUN FACT: Before 37-year-old RedFoo formed LMFAO with his nephew, he was a daytrader. I hope that starting a party rap band with your nephew as a response to a mid-life crisis becomes a “thing.” Mine will be called OMGLOLZ and instead of starting it with a nephew, I’ll just dance around with a baby duck sitting in the palm of my hand.

(Unreleased): Azealia Banks – Yung Rapunxel

You can try, but you will fail.


FUN FACT: Watch out Bloomberg, rappers are coming for you.

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