Beyoncé is a strong and beautiful woman who could probably beat me up if she wanted to, but that didn’t stop her PR team from making the absurd request to have unflattering shots from her Super Bowl performance scrubbed from the internet. According to Gawker, Getty Images finally complied.

Too little too late. To quote Patrick Stewart on Extras, “it’s too late, I’ve already seen everything.”

Sure, shots like these are “gone” from the photo agency (but obviously not the internet)…




…but the unflattering shots have already made their mark. Here’s what we mean:




All of these were curated by BuzzFeed, the site originally asked by Beyoncé’s team to get rid of unflattering shots. Reality check, PR team: she’s still [Sasha] Fierce, and a few unflattering shots aren’t going to change that. When will PR teams learn, you ask? Never. Because apparently Kanye West wants any shots of him wearing his infamous leather kilt taken from the internet, which should be easy because it’s not like he wore one all throughout the Watch the Throne or at the televised 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy benefit. Oh…

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