If there’s two things we can count on, its Scott Weiland being a tool and someone filming it vertically on their cell phone.

Case in point, here’s the former-slash-current-slash-irrelevant Stone Temple Pilots frontman challenging a fan to a fight this weekend at New York’s Irving Plaza.

He’s not wrong when he questions why someone would spend money to heckle the talent, but after nearly 30-years of touring you’d think he would be able to turn the other cheek. A better question might be for him to question why anyone would pay to see Scott Weiland. That’s a video we’d like to see (even if it, too, would probably be shot ass-backwards). The embed up top is almost definitely not going to work, not that you’re missing much, but if you’re so inclined you can also check it out here. [via GrungeReport]

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