Surprisingly few fans of The Office realize that the character Creed is a fictionalized, exaggerated interpretation of actor Creed Bratton’s real personality of experiences. Making his mark first as a musician, most notably with The Grassroots in the mid-1960s, he’s got another side to him that fans of the show might not know about. But when WNYC radio asked Bratton whether he’d heard the band Creed (of Scott Stapp fame, we guess), his artsy side came to the forefront.

“Are they a rap group? Country and western?” he asks before being played a brief bit of “With Arms Wide Open.”

Let’s just say he was pretty baffled by his first listen.

“How does he do that? Did he take a bastard file and do it to his vocal chords? Or is he gargling with glass? How does his voice do that? That’s the weirdest damn thing I’ve ever heard,” he exclaimed, sounding genuinely baffled by Scott Stapp’s… unique performance.

Saying the song had no “sonic room to breathe,” Bratton added that he can’t stand that kind of crunchy guitar. After comparing them to a poor man’s Bad Company, the host played him a bit of “My Sacrifice,” a song with a video that features Scott Stapp saving himself from drowning.

“I kind of like that song,” he remarked. “If I had just smoked a little bit at a party and that came on, I’d be bobbin’ my head and rockin’ and rollin’.”

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