With Field Trip happening this weekend in Toronto, it feels like everyone has Arts & Crafts on the mind. (Especially with the announcement that, during the festival, Broken Social Scene will be performing You Forgot it in People in full.) But while Field Trip—and X, a decade-spanning Arts & Crafts retrospective compilation—have gotten many of us reminiscing about our favourite BSS memories, few of us have had as much access to the band as Maggie Drew, Kevin’s Drew’s mother. So, we asked her to dig up a few BSS-related gems from her photographic archive. Here’s what she gave us.

Special thanks to AUX contributor Joe Lasko, who helped wrangle these photos.



Kevin Drew, barely into the double digits, dances up a story at a Christmas party. Also visible is his father, who would eventually manage Broken Social Scene.


Now a teenager, Kevin poses with his brother, Cameron, at a birthday party.




Three visual art projects completed by Drew when he was attending high school at the Etobicoke School of the Arts.


A very early incarnation of what would become Broken Social Scene—we estimate this photo was taken in 1999.



Leslie Feist and Drew address their former high school, the Etobicoke School of the Arts.


Feist and Drew perform at the Harbourfront Centre during the fiming of This Movie is Broken.


Drew chats with CBC Q’s Jian Ghomeshi.


Members of Broken Social Scene pose with Maggie Drew, who provided us with these photos.

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