Andrew Huang seems to be a pretty versatile musician. His YouTube channel showcases his work across several genres and styles, including dubstep, rap, eighties-inspired, rock, folk, and more. For this video, he sought to challenge himself even further, and write a single song that transitions between 26 different genres in alphabetical order. Ambient, into baroque, into chiptune, into dubstep, into emo…you get the idea.

In the three and a half minute song, Huang touches on genres he admits that he had never even heard of before, including Quan Ho, Wonky, and Xoomii. I’ve gotta hand it to him — UK Garage sounds great transitioned into Viking Metal. All in all, it’s a pretty impressive feat.

Check out the video above, and see below for a list of genres this song tackles.

List of genres:

1. Ambient
2. Baroque
3. Chiptune
4. Dubstep
5. Emo
6. Folk
7. Grunge
8. Horrorcore
9. IDM
10. Jazz
11. K-Pop
12. Latin
13. Math Metal
14. Noise
15. Opera
16. Polka
17. Quan Ho
18. Reggae
19. Ska
20. Trap
21. UK Garage
22. Viking Metal
23. Wonky
24. Xoomii
25. Yodel
26. Zouk

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