Beyoncé’s Epic character, Queen Tara

If there’s one thing Beyoncé’s good at, it’s everything. But chief among them is her music, even if we’re not entirely sold on this new Queen B vibe she’s running with with her newest material. New song “Rise Up” is the iffiest of the bunch, with Knowles projecting herself further into Oprah-inspired territory, howling along after-school special infused acoustic guitar.

By the end, though, it comes together. I can’t explain how it happened, but I typed this entire paragraph while twirling gracefully, hands in the air, mouth agape and rain pouring triumphantly over me. No small feat, since I was inside.

Anyways, this new cut is off the Epic soundtrack, a movie that also stars Beyoncé as—get this—a queen. Ohhh. That explains the whole mother matriarch thing! Forget all that stuff about the twirling then.

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