image via Reddit

When you see high school senior Jessica Lee’s yearbook entry, you might assume that she’ll be pursuing a career in chemistry after graduation, because she’s listed what appears to be a few of her favourite chemical elements. Flourine…sulfur…ooh, thulium! That’s a good one.

Any observant chemical codebreaker could tell you that the periodic symbols of these elements spell out a secret message. And it just happens to be the most badass fusion of chemistry and hip-hop ever immortalized in yearbook format. See if you can break the code yourself below:

“(F) flourine (U) uranium (C) carbon (K) potassium (Bi) bismuth (Tc) technetium (He) helium (S) sulfur (Ge) germanium (Tm) thulium (O) oxygen (Ne) neon (Y) yttrium”


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