Here’s another one for the expanding WTF file we’ve been compiling on controversial people’s champ/Toronto mayor Rob Ford. This morning, Toronto musician Jenny James unveiled a (supposedly) earnest hair metal tribute to the man she calls “the Taxpayer’s Lord,” “Cost Cowboy,” and “the Money Crusader and Excess Cost Eliminator.”

The song decrees triumphantly, “blatant attacks won’t make him collapse / ’cause Mayor Ford will bounce right back.” Kind of like this GIF of Rob falling down while playing football, and bouncing right back up again on an infinite loop.

The ’80s-inspired anthem rallies behind Ford, despite the fact that the YouTube video accompanying James’ song includes a doctored image of Fordo smoking crack.

Listen to “Mayor Ford (The World Will Remember)” above. The song title is kind of redundant — how could we ever forget this face?


image via Now
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