By now, Nirvana’s In Utero‘s 20th anniversary has come and gone, but one of the lasting things from it isn’t the massive, corporate box set that celebrated it, but the reaction from the artists that consider the album one of their greatest influences.

Deer Tick were perhaps first, with their end-to-end cover of the album, but new from Hand Drawn Dracula is an artist-curated tribute that might take the cake.

Put together by Wooden Sky, Greys and Hand Drawn Dracula, Milkin’ It runs through In Utero in full with the help of the aforementioned, plus Hooded Fang, Teenanger, Beliefs, Odonis Odonis, Absolutely Free and oh so much more. Better still, at 16-songs Milkin’ It also includes four of In Utero‘s b-sides. Check below for the full tracklist.

But the best part? It’s free. Listen or download the release below, or head here for more information on it.

“The compilation exists primarily for two reasons, the first being to take a snapshot of a particularly fertile, vital moment in Toronto’s musical history which, for all we know, may be inspiring a younger generation as it happens,” read a statement on the album. “The second, of course, is simply to pay tribute to three guys from a rainy corner of the continent who first inspired us to do what we do.”

1. Breeze “Serve The Servants”
2. Greys “Scentless Apprentice”
3. Beliefs “Heart-Shaped Box”
4. Ostrich Tuning “Rape Me”
5. Fresh Snow & Julie Fader “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge”
6. Lowell Sostomi “Dumb”
7. Teenanger “Very Ape”
8. Absolutely Free “Milk It”
9. Weather Station “Pennyroyal Tea”
10. Odonis Odonis “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
11. Hooded Fang “Tourette’s”
12. Wooden Sky “All Apologies”
13. Doomsquad “I Hate Myself And Want To Die”
14. Milk Lines “Sappy”
15. Hsy “Moist Vagina”
16. Tess Parks “Marigold”

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