limp bizkit-blink 182

There’s no denying Travis Barker’s flashy drumming abilities, but whenever we hear of a new side-project from the Blink-182 drummer, we brace ourselves—because despite his clear talent, he’s essentially the tatted-up, musical equivalent of Chester the Cheetah.

And like Boxcar Racer and the Transplants, we can essentially smell the Axe body spray (or Herbal Essences) wafting off his yet-unnamed new project, which he promises will involve members of Limp Bizkit and Nine Inch Nails. Sadly, though, he won’t be collaborating with Fred Durst—who might, in fact, be the Poochie to Barker’s Chester.

Instead, he revealed an Instagram photo indicating that he’s working with contact lens ethusiast Wes Borland, ex-Nine Inch Nails drummer Danny Lohner, and Scroobius Pip on a new project. Sadly, Buckethead was nowhere to be found.

“In the lab creating with these talented gentlemen,” Barker wrote on Instagram.

We uh, can’t wait.

Meanwhile, both Blink-182 and Limp Bizkit have big years ahead of them. Blink, for their part, have promised to record a “risk-taking” album, and just in time for the holiday season, have unveiled their own line of Christmas balls (emblazoned with “merry fucking Xmas 2013,” natch) and a children’s book.

Limp Bizkit, for their part, recently signed to Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Records, and gave us the holiday miracle we were clamouring for: Their soft-rap anthem, “Lightz.” Check that video below.

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